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Myst Free released for iPhone/iPod Touch; Myst price drops $1

According to TouchArcade.com, Cyan's "Myst Free" app, an edition of Myst for iPhone and iPod Touch with only Myst Island, has finally made it onto Apple's App Store.  (Chogon had previously mentioned on the MystOnline forums that Myst Free had been submitted to Apple for review on September 22.)  Myst Free is 124 megabytes in size.

TouchArcade also reports that Cyan has dropped the price of Myst for iPhone and iPod Touch by $1, from $5.99 to $4.99.


Call for Beta testers Myst iPhone German and French

Hi all,

Cyan is creating German and French versions of Myst for the iPhone and iPod Touch and we need beta testers that can understand German or French (written and spoken) to help test. Please respond by private message to Cyan Beta Request saying you would like to beta test Myst Deutsch or Myst Francais with your device's ID number (see below).

(This message will be translated in the French and German threads.)

Cyan iPhone/iPod team.


To find the DeviceID of an iPhone or iPod Touch:

This works on both Macs and PCs. Connect your iPhone/iPod to your computer and load iTunes. In iTunes select your device and the Summary tab. You should see a screen on your computer that shows "Serial Number:" followed by a big number. Click on the text "Serial Number:" (not the serial number itself but the label text in front of it) and the text should change to "Identifier:" followed by an even bigger number. That is the DeviceID. You should be able to hit the copy key (it will not be selected but it will copy the number if you hit on the mac:cmd-c or on the PC: cntrl-c) and then paste it.


Aufruf zum Betatest der deutschen Myst-iPhone-Version

La version française de ce message est disponible au lien suivant...

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EdGames: The Mysterious Men of Myst

EdGames 670 is a blog about educational games, written by pupils of the EDTEC 670 course at San Diego State University.  One of this week's contributions to the blog is all about Myst.

John Miller's entry, titled The Mysterious Men of Myst, briefly explains the concept of Myst and makes mention of its sequels, including Uru Live and the recent iPhone Myst application.  He mentions how Myst was not originally conceived as an educational game, yet how others such as Tim Rylands have used games from the Myst series as teaching implements.  He indicates that he also hopes to use Myst as a tool for the instruction of narrative writing next semester, and invites comments from anyone who can provide ideas.

Mr. Miller does not indicate in the article whether he is of any relation to Rand or Ryan Miller, the creators of Myst.

Myst iPhone/iPod Touch Japan

From Cyan.

Hi all,

Myst Japan for the iPhone and iPod Touch is now available in the iTunes App Store. This version has all the features and fixes as the English version of Myst for the iPhone except everything is translated into the Japanese language.

It is in the App Store at:


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Cyan speaks to the Community

From Chogon, Sunday August 30, 2009

"Cyan Worlds will in the near future reveal it's future plans and intensions. Hopefully, with a town hall kind of meeting, questions can be answered and a way forward charted."